About Woolly Bugger Jigs

During the past 85 years, the Woolly Bugger has proven itself time and time again. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing the Henry’s Fork, lakes of the High Sierras, or a trickle of a stream only you know about…this pattern is as close to a sure thing as it gets.

Here at Hawken Fishing, we have found a way to make this amazing little pattern even more productive! Tying the Woolly Bugger on a jig hook has proven to be nothing short of amazing. The ability to swim this pattern at a desired depth and keeping it in “the zone” for extended periods of time has produced phenomenal results.

The Woolly Bugger Jig is as versatile as it gets. The lifelike action of the marabou tail, glimmers of Flash-a-bou, and the buggy look of the hackled body make this jig perfect for trout, crappie, and steelhead. Each Woolly Bugger Jig is hand tied with fluorescent/UV dyed feathers, powder painted scent-free heads, and custom Gamakatsu hooks made exclusively for the Woolly Bugger Jig Company.

Hawken Fishing


2 thoughts on “About Woolly Bugger Jigs”

  1. Bill freuler said:

    What is shank length of your wb hams hook

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