About Trout Traps

“Fish after fish after fish” – that sums up the reports coming in from guys fishing Trout Traps and Trout Trap Stingers.  It has taken two long years of research and design for us to feel comfortable saying: “You won’t find a more productive, better built trout jig anywhere!”

Trout Traps and Trout Trap Stingers produce a crippled swimming action that triggers a predatory strike reflex fish can’t control. The secret is our unique jig head design which allows our jigs to flutter through the water column where other brands will torpedo towards the bottom. More time in the strike zone means more fish for you to battle. It’s a simple concept when you think about it.

 In an effort to design the “perfect” trout jig, we teamed up with Gamakatsu to produce a customized hook specifically for Trout Traps and Trout Trap Stingers. Made exclusively for Hawken Fishing, these hooks have a slightly longer shank, wider gap, and sticky sharp point. This design reduces short strikes, increase hook-ups, and ultimately helps you catch more fish!

Hawken Fishing


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