About Simon Wobblers

Nearly 2 decades ago, Lloyd’s Lucky Lures designed, tested, and perfected the Simon wobbler. Since that time tens of thousands of fish have fallen victim to this amazing spoon.

Over the years, the Simon Wobbler has expanded from one simple brushed stainless steel wobbler into 58 of the deadliest fish catching patterns ever designed. Sure you’ll find some pet patterns that everyone has like the chartreuse green dot or watermelon but try to find UV coated holographic scale patterns or half and half with a chrome and real gold finish. Only Simon has them!

Every Simon is built on a chrome plated brass blade (not TIN) with a 2/0 Owner “Stinger” treble hook and welded rings holding the whole thing together. We only use fluorescent paints and UV coat every Simon to ensure that you have every advantage when fishing for that next fish of a lifetime! There is a reason Simons are the best selling, top producing wobblers on the market today. They just flat catch fish!

To ensure the highest quality components, paints, and craftsmanship, every Simon Wobbler is MADE IN THE USA!

Nothing Swims Like a Simon!


4 thoughts on “About Simon Wobblers”

  1. Dean Chess said:

    Made in the USA? The #37 that I bought today was made in China. Very sad.

    • Hi Dean,

      Thanks for your comment. This year, Simon’s were manufactured in both China and the U.S. We work closely with both factories to ensure quality. Manufacturing outside of the U.S. has allowed us to keep up with increasing demand. Also, several of our newer holographic patterns are not available in the U.S. As always, we stand 100% behind our products.

      Happy Fishing! We love to see pictures so please forward any catches and we will post in our Trophy Room.

  2. You may not want to say but what color is the Doctor Death wobbler that was used in your YouTube video when you were wobbler fishing on the Columbia? Thanks.


    • Hello Wayne!

      The Doctor Death Simon Wobbler was a custom tape job by our Pro Staff guy Bob. When we get the chance we will post a picture to Facebook. Feel free to give us a call at 3607188988 if you have any more questions.

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