About Fire Flies

For years a simple marabou jig has been the main stay for catching anything from bass to walleye to steelhead and salmon. Add a little crystal flash or flash-a-bou and you had a “high end” jig that would catch just about any kind of fish. One might think it would be pretty hard to improve on this….. Until now!

Introducing the Fire Flies – Marabou Series!

With the recent innovations in micro light stick technology we were able to harness the fish attracting properties of light and combine them with the fluid life-like action of marabou.  Our Pro-Staff and test markets are reporting catch rates that have surpassed even our wildest expectations! Fished day or night, these jigs are putting fish on the bank when nothing else will. (Bright sunny days will affect the glowing appearance of these jigs but the marabou patterns we have developed are highly effective even without the light sticks.)

Here is how it works: Every Fire Fly in the marabou series About Fire Fly Pic 1comes with a light stick attached to the shank of the hook. Remove the light stick, and bend it until you hear or feel it crack. Then shake or flick the light stick with your finger until it is glowing throughout. DO NOT BITE to activate the light stick! Now re-insert the light stick into the plastic sleeve found on the shank of the hook. Slide the tube/light stick up the shank and be careful not to push against the marabou or head area. This will ensure the marabou flows evenly and effortlessly over the light stick to produce a glowing life-like action that drives fish crazy!

DO NOT USE OIL BASED SCENTS WITH MARABOU FEATHERS. This will give the jig a slickened down appearance and it will lose all flowing and lifelike appearance. You can tip with shrimp if desired.

All jigs are tied on customized Gamakatsu hooks, powder painted scent free heads, and utilize 6 custom dyed UV/Fluorescent feathers and Flash-a-bou. We have designed 18 patterns, available in 1/8th and 1/4th ounce.

Replacement Micro Light Sticks are available in Red, Chartreuse Green, and Chartreuse Yellow depending on the design you purchase.

Welcome to the next generation of jig fishing!


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