About Beau Mac Jigs

Twenty five years ago, the late Paul Beaupre introduced his “secret weapon” to the fishing community. Since that time hundreds of thousands of salmon and steelhead throughout the Northwest and Canada have fallen victim to this amazing egg pattern jig.

The secret to this pattern lies not only in the customized colors and fluorescent/UV dyed feathers, but also the beads themselves. The formula for production is a tightly held secret here at Hawken Fishing. These beads appear to “light up” under water and produce an irresistible cerise pink glow that fish can’t resist.

If you are addicted to the pursuit of steelhead, as we are, STS magazine is a great source for how-to tips and steelheading articles. If you review past and future issues you will see most float fishing articles mention the SMJ series; and if you look close, many of the fish have an SMJ series jig still embedded in their jaw!

If you’re float fishing for salmon or steelhead, the the SMJ series and Pro-Series jigs are an absolute must for your arsenal.


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