About Aerojig

Throughout the Pacific Northwest and North America, the Aerojig has changed the face of steelhead fishing forever. Fished properly under a float, this amazing little jig puts the novice steelheader on par with any seasoned fisherman. The buggy pulsating action of the Aero tail makes these jigs irresistible to fish everywhere.

Our marabou series and hackle series steelhead jigs, along with our ZipZips, will catch fish regardless of the water conditions. When you hook up to that monster, know you are fishing the deadliest, strongest, and most popular steelhead jig on the market! Gamakatsu customizes all our hooks with 1/0 wire to ensure superb fighting strength. As an added bonus, we then powder paint and bake all our heads to ensure a bullet proof, scent free finish – deadly. We then tie only premium feathers that are dyed to our exact specification with UV and incredibly vivid colors. Simply put, you won’t find a more comprehensive array of steelhead colors or a better built jig in the industry. When it comes time to catch fish, rest assure we have you covered.

If you are looking for the ultimate steelhead jig, look no futher!

Dead Serious Fishing  


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