About Aero-Drifters

Before the days of float fishing Caught while drifter fishingthere were those of us who became addicted to “the take” while bouncing bottom with traditional gear.  Add a cluster of eggs and there is nothing that comes close to that feeling.  For this elite crowd of steelheader fishermen, we built Aero-Drifters.

Drifters combine the best of both worlds– time proven corkie patterns and the tantalizing action of the Aerojig tail.  The result is a buggy offering that catches fish anywhere!  Fished with or without bait this is an amazingly effective way to steelhead fish. The Aero-Drifter Hackle Series is best when fished in low water conditions, gin clear winter or summer water. If you are fishing winter conditions, the hackle series can also be very effective when the brighter colors are used.  One more thing that makes the hackle series so unique is the ability to use oil based scent on the feathers without losing the buggy properties of the tail.

If you need an attention grabber or something with a little different action, the Aero-Drifter Marabou Series can be deadly.  A little bigger profile with a liquid, lifelike action produces take downs that rip the rod from your hand! However, we highly recommend that you do NOT use oil based scent on the delicate marabou feathers.

Dead Serious Fishing!

Drifter Rigging Instructions


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