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We were recently contacted by Grey, a fisherman out of Oregon.  He had a couple of questions about our floats and what weight he should be using.  He writes:

Brand new to float fishing steelhead/ salmon; using 1/8 and/or 1/4 oz. jigs; 12 to 17 lb. test w/ 8 or 10 lb leader w/ up to 3/8 sinker.  Bank fish on the upper Rogue in Oregon.


1. Which float would you advise ? AF2 or AF3 ?

2. What float weight ?

Grey, You might want to think about lighten up your main line to 10-12lb test…

In pocket water – you will want to use AF2…

Deeper runs – you will want to use AF3…

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Our Aero-Float series was recently reviewed in the March issue of Salmon Trout Steelheader.  Please check out the Pro Reports article for a great rundown of our floats and available accessories.

We will be posting a video series on float fishing soon.  Check back soon for updates.